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M. Knopp, A. Spörl, M Gnat, G. Rossmanith, F. Huber, C. Fuchs, D. Giggenbach
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D. Giggenbach
Laser Communication Systems for Aerial Platforms – from Perspective of a Startup in mobile FSO
18 Sept. 2014, COST OPTICWISE-Workshop, Funchal, 18. Sept. 2014

K. Shortt, D. Giggenbach, T. Dreischer, C. Rivera, R. Daddato, A. Di Mira, I. Zayer
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IAC-14 - 65th International Astronautical Congress, Toronto, Sept. 2014

D. Giggenbach
Optimierung der optischen Freiraumkommunikation durch die turbulente Atmosphäre - Focal Array Receiver
Dissertation. Shaker Verlag, 2005

D. Giggenbach, R. Purvinskis, M. Werner, M. Holzbock
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Proceedings of the 20th AIAA International Communications Satellite Systems Conference (ICSSC 2002), 2002-5-12 - 2002-5-15, Montreal, Canada.